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About Us


The Community Free Clinic has been in operation since February 1990 when Dr. Marty Gallagher began seeing patients at the Union Rescue Mission. In 1995, we moved to West Franklin Street where we had exam rooms and a reception area with a waiting room. In 2003, the 5400-square-foot medical office became available at 249 Mill Street and the clinic purchased it. It features five exam rooms, one of which is a minor procedure room; a waiting room, a receptionist area with file storage, and a prescription storage area as well as an area dedicated to prescription packaging and labeling. In 2018, Dr. Mitesh Kothari and his wife Erin donated an office suite in a medical complex located at 235 Mill Street. We took ownership in May 2018 and renovations began. In May 2019 we launched our Community Mental Health Care program in this new area at 235 Mill Street.

Community Free Clinic is a "safety net" provider for Washington County residents who are uninsured. Washington County has roughly 150K residents according to the 2010 census. That same data shows 7.1% of those were uninsured. Which translates to roughly 10, 691 Washington County residents without health insurance. Most of our patients work two or three part-time jobs which does not make them eligible for health insurance through an employer. Or they are in that 90-day transition period between jobs and the COBRA payment is just more than can be afforded.

Our Vision

All uninsured citizens of Washington County, Maryland are healthier and more productive through free access to health care.

Our Values

  • Our quality of care and integrity are second to none.
  • We treat our patients with dignity and respect.
  • Every member of our team (staff, volunteers, providers, and Board of Directors) is dedicated to our mission and success.
  • The Clinic maintains a high level of transparency in all operations.
  • We collaborate with many community organizations to meet the needs of our patients.
  • We are committed to delivering medical services at the greatest value to our patients.

Our Mission

To make health care accessible to all uninsured citizens of Washington County, Maryland.

Our Diversity Statement

Community Free Clinic, Inc. is committed to fostering a culture of diversity, inclusion, and health equity within our clinic and community. At Community Free Clinic, all persons will be treated equally and respectfully. Discrimination in any form is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

Our Staff and Board Members

We are blessed by over 5,000 hours of volunteer work donated every year. Additionally, we have a dedicated Staff and Board of Directors.

Our Staff

  • Nicole Houser, Executive Director
  • Jeremy Cantner, Mental Health Director
  • Debra Grove, RN, Clinical Director
  • Michelle Adams, Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner
  • Ashley McMullen, Grant Coordinator & Clinic Writer
  • Tammy Ebersole, Medical Receptionist
  • Joyce Groft, Licensed Practical Nurse
  • Barb Leatherman, Medical Receptionist
  • Christie Sheffield, Medical Assistant, Patient Advocate
  • Kim Kinna, Registered Nurse
  • Cindy Hays, Licensed Practical Nurse
  • Megan McMurdy, Therapist
  • Shawnee Brady, Medical Assistant
  • Sandra Fowler, MD, Medical Director

Our Board Members

  • Michael Barnes, Senior Benefit Services, Immediate Past President
  • Dan Divito, Retired, Vice President
  • Deborah Everhart, Retired, Secretary
  • Patricia "Trish" Harrell
  • Tad Holzapfel, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management
  • Kirk Livers, PA, Meritus Medical
  • John Menard, CNB Bank
  • Nick Schurz 
  • Dwayne Shrader, CNB Bank, Treasurer
  • Michael Smith, Meritus Health
  • Michael Stanford, CES Properties
  • Jim Stone, Esq, Kane, Wilburn, & Stone
  • David Taylor, Think Loud Development, President
  • Malick Thiam
  • Julia Truby, Tri-State Printing,

How you can help

Community Free Clinic is not state or federally funded. We receive our funding from grants, fundraisers, and donations. People like you, donate their time, talents, and treasures to help keep the community healthy and productive. Call us today to see how you can partner with us.