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Our Partners

Local organizations we work with

San Mar Community of Hope Logo

Bester Community of Hope is an initiative of San Mar, focused on prevention with a place-based strategy for positive outcomes for the children and families located in the Bester Elementary School neighborhood in Hagerstown, Maryland. Bester Community of Hope is one of 14 sites nationally supported by Casey Family Programs to support their broader efforts to safely reduce the number of children placed outside of their home by building “Communities of Hope.”


Healthy Washington County Logo

Healthy Washington County is a collective of public and private community partners seeking to improve the health of our region. They help people living in Washington County connect with community-based health resources so they can better understand their personal health, make healthy choices and improve their quality of life.


Brooke's House provides a community-based, safe, stable, and emotionally supportive living environment for adult women in the early stages of substance abuse recovery. Ensuring a tranquil, home-like facility, Brooke's House ensures state-of-the-art treatment and recovery services and resources to help residents move forward to achieve their dreams of living drug-free and productive lives.

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