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Since 1990, we have provided our community with excellent health care. And we couldn’t have done it if it weren’t for such a great community! Our wide array of services and outstanding team of volunteers make it possible for us to treat almost anyone! If we do not have resources accessible within the walls of our clinic, we work with our expansive community partners to schedule referral services.

Free Health Care

If you don't have access to health care - for whatever reason - we can help. Please read our page "Who We Help" for more information.
Who We Help

Teen Awareness

Over the past 7 years the Community Free Clinic has operated a program to address the high risk behaviors of Washington County teens ages 13-19.
Helping Teens

Make Donations

We are not state or federally funded. We operate with donations from our community. Read more to see if there are ways you can help your community.
How To Help

Helping Citizens of Washington County MD

We have the capacity to provide 15,000 patient visits each YEAR.

Who we help...

Most are employed with no health insurance

Many of our patients are currently hardworking individuals fully involved and committed to our community. However, their employment (many times with multiple part-time employers) does not come with a health insurance benefit. Many of our patients identify with this category.

Recently uninsured

With the tumultuous changes surrounding the Affordable Care Act and the Patient Freedom Act, many people continue to find themselves uninsured either temporarily or for many months at a time. No matter the reason, citizens of Washington County, Maryland who are medically uninsured will find excellent health care here.

Temporarily uninsured

Due to many unplanned circumstances, some people may become temporarily uninsured. They may be between jobs, waiting for coverage to activate, or dropped from a recent policy. During these times, we will provide you with health care.

Displaced or homeless

We recognize and care for those individuals that are fleeing abusive situations and seeking respite, those who have recently lost health care benefits due to the loss of employment or loss of coverage, the homeless, those recently released from prison or the detention center and divorced/separated men and women who have been dropped from spouse’s coverage.

More about who we help


Services We Offer

  • Primary Care
  • Blood Pressure & Diabetic Monitoring
  • Medication Distribution
  • STD / Pregnancy Testing
  • Immunizations
  • Laboratory Testing
  • Chronic Care
  • Acute Care
  • Physical Examinations
  • GYN / Women’s Health Clinic
  • Orthopedic Clinic
  • Podiatry Clinic
  • Therapy / Mental Health

Help Us Help You!

We are blessed to be able to help our community. Please share our passion for our citizens of Washington County and help us continue to provide life saving procedures and services. Our community is strong due to the strong minded individuals we share it with.

Helping Our Community

12 Part & Full Time Employees

Our staff is dedicated to helping our community. They are compensated with monetary donations from people like you and many other generous areas of our community.

5,000 Volunteer Hours

Many people volunteer to work in the Front Office doing clerical work. Others volunteer as Medical Assistants. Contact Us for more information.

Fundraising Events

Throughout the year, the Community Free Clinic holds many community and civic fund raising events including the highly anticipated Potter’s Bowl and MUDD Volleyball Tournament. Check out our Calendar of Events page for a calendar of events.

Are you ready to get healthier?